The Meaning of Life

May 23, 2020


Right here at CentralOffice. It’s the meaning of life.  And now that you have it, you can be happy.

Be prepared for what comes next. As a student of Mark Manson (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck), the meaning of life is … (drum roll please) … solving problems. Yep.  Besides being poop machines, humans are built to solve problems. 

The floor is dirty. I make a broom. The floor is cold. I put a covering on it. The broom doesn’t work well on the covering. I make a vacuum cleaner. You get the idea.  

So you solve a problem, and now you can kick back, relax and be happy.  But happiness doesn’t last long before your mind is moving on to the next problem. 

The meaning of life is moving from solution to problem. Oh, did you think it was the other way around?

Many people believe their main problem is they need more money. They spend a lot of time thinking about it, pondering it, blaming their spouse for it. They see money as the solution to their problems.  

At CentralOffice press the button that says “Contact Us”.  Ask the question: “Why don’t I have more money?”  That will start the dialogue.