Personal Accounting

“The word accounting comes from the word accountability. If you are going to be rich, you need to be accountable for your money.”
— Robert Kiyosaki

You get results where you measure.  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. 

If you don’t have a system that tracks income and expenses, you don’t have the metrics necessary to make intelligent decisions about the direction you should go.  There are so many tools on the market, which ones are best and how do you pull them all together?  Let CentralOffice be your guide.

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Expense Management

Expenses that aren’t properly documented can be disallowed as a deduction.  There are a number of applications on the web to help you with this.  Let CentralOffice be your guide.

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Mileage Tracking

Whether you take actual expenses or the federal government’s per diem mileage rate, the IRS expects you to support the miles you drive. Mileage deductions are available for medical and charitable miles if you itemize as well as for your business if you have a business.

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Are you tired of waking up on New Year’s day dreading putting your tax information together for the prior year? Let CentralOffice be your guide.

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Do you have too much month left at the end of your money?  Do you feel like you are trying to drive your car forward with only a rearview mirror?  Let CentralOffice be your guide. 

Let's Get You Organized!

The professionals at CentralOffice LLC provide the tools you need to keep track of your expenses and keep your finances organized.