CentralOffice offers financial solutions such as accounting, estate management, and more. We recognize that every situation is different, so we offer initial consultations for no fee with no obligation. For your free consultation, please contact us by completing our contact page.

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Accounting Services

Whether you’re an individual looking for a financial mentor or a professional in search of business accounting, CentralOffice offers an accounting package for you.

Our accounting packages are billed monthly. All monthly services subject to adjustment after 3 months.

Business Financial Service

**CentralOffice does not prepare Forms 990 for Not-For-Profit Corporations nor Forms 5500 for Employee Benefit Programs.

Starter Free Self Serve $99/month Group Coaching $399/month 1-on-1 Coaching $899/month Tax Planning $1099/month Accounting System $1499/month
Annual Value Builder Score
Annual PREScore™
Quarterly Webinar on Building Company Value
Monthly Article on Building Company Value
Weekly Built to Sell Radio Podcast
8 Drivers of Value Video Series
Built to Sell Implementation Guide
9 Subscription Models White Paper
Online Access to The Value Builder System™
Peer Mastermind Leveraging The Value Builder System™
1-on-1 Coaching Leveraging The Value Builder System™
Tax Planning & Preparation
Accounting System Implementation and Maintenance
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Personal Financial Service

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Other Services

CentralOffice works hand in hand with your estate planning attorney to help execute the wishes of the deceased. If you need assistance with an inventory of assets or power of attorney, we are here to help.


Consultation & Tax Services

Due to the case-by-case nature of the following services, please contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation. We will discuss which solution is best for your unique scenario.

  • Advising / Consulting — $150 / hour
  • Form 1041 Fiduciary Return for Trusts & Estates — Starts at $350
  • Form 1120 (C Corporation) — Starts at $750
  • Form 1120S (S Corporation) — Starts at $850
  • Form 1065 (Partnerships) — Starts at $850
  • Form 709 (Gift Tax) — Starts at $150
  • Form 706 (Estate Tax) — Starts at $5,495

**CentralOffice does not prepare Forms 990 for Not-For-Profit Corporations nor Forms 5500 for Employee Benefit Programs.

Electronic (scanned) copies of your tax documents are required. You will be provided a letter outlining the terms and conditions of our services, and access to a portal for uploading your documents to CentralOffice safely. The fee that you paid assumes the only documents you are submitting are those you paid for, and you will provide accurate, summarized information as needed for businesses, rental properties, medical expenses, charitable contributions, etc. If additional documents are submitted or information is not in an acceptable format, you will be advised to make an additional payment before preparation starts on your tax returns.

Take Control of Your Finances

Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation. We will access your individual situation and create a plan for your financial success.