Birth of a Business

September 13, 2020

How CentralOffice Got Its Start

A professional organization, the AICPA states, “The environment in which CPAs operate is changing at a rapid pace, and the biggest driver of that change is technological innovation.”  

Who is the AICPA?  Long know as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the national organization has long (since 1916) set the standards for the operations of accountants in the United States.  The world is shrinking, requiring standardization of accounting rules and methods around the planet so that even the AICPA is molting into the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.  

Artificial Intelligence, block chain technology, automation and predictive analytics are creating all the new opportunities for the accounting and tax compliance industries.  At the same time, the structure of operating a business has changed from the traditional pyramid style with authority delegated from the top down to a web system where the value of an individual lies in the knowledge and innovation the individual brings to the project.  By the same token, the employer-employee relationship is giving way to independent entrepreneurs synergizing their abilities with any number of customer service providers.  All of this has to take place within an environment that assures information security.  

From the mix of this amniotic fluid, CentralOffice was born retaining the heredity of the developed accounting system dating back to Ptolemy in the second century, but embracing the current rapidly changing environment.  Today’s business has to be a chameleon, able to adjust and reinvent itself as it leaps from opportunity to opportunity.