Rockin’ Entrepreneur

April 22, 2020

Rockin’ Entrepreneur — aka Independent Contractor, Business Person, Writer, Musician, Freelancer, etc., etc.

Welcome to the Roaring ‘20s

There are already thousands of you out there making it rain (that’s sales talk, not weather-related).  You may wake up every morning with a plan for your marketing, your production, your administration, your buying, maybe even your delegation to employees or other producers like yourself.  Or you may wake up, shower, go to your job, and come home to work on your other plan:  a book, a song, a machine in the garage that produces a gizmo or a whatsit, a program on your computer, a script, or any number of other money producers.  No two of you are alike or do exactly the same thing in exactly the same way, but one thing is for sure:  before this decade is over there are going to be a lot more like you. 

Some people have an itch to be in business for themselves, and some have it thrust upon them when they get tossed out of their corporate job.  However you came about it, you will need a back office to track your activities, plan your tax liabilities, forecast trends developing in your business, and someone you can turn to for a question or to bounce an idea off.  Thanks for coming to CentralOffice. 

At CentralOffice, you will be treated just like that corporate employee with the company car and the expense account.  We will give you the tools (sometimes called apps) to regularly turn in expense reports, keep track of your mileage, and track the sales you have developed for the business.  Beyond that, we will advise you on ways to increase your income and cash flow while you minimize your taxes.  CentralOffice is the partner you wish you had that powers your business without taking half the fun. 

Just let us know your situation on the Contact Page and a professional will review your information and respond. If copies of documentation are necessary, you will be provided with a portal through Canopy Tax for the safe transport of your documents to CentralOffice.