Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

June 20, 2020

What would happen if I let CentralOffice be the Chief Financial Officer for my company?

Professional Competence

  • I would get reliable financial statements for management and lenders.
  • The financial statements would have accuracy, consistency and comparability.
  • I would get advice and be better able to evaluate my organization’s financial health. 
  • I could see how effective my organization is in using its resources.

Strategic Planning & Financial Planning

  • Strategic planning would be a priority.
  • Financial planning would address the company’s position in the marketplace.
  • We would evaluate the profitability of products and customers.
  • We could validate assumptions on products or services, pricing, promotions, etc.

Leveraged Insights

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Processes
  • Financial Metrics

Managing Change

  • Solve turnover.
  • Generate continuity.
  • Focus.
  • Leadership stays engaged.

CentralOffice is in a unique position to provide professional relationships and referral sources.